About Nova Group

According to our experience that has long almost four decades in global real estate, real estate development, real estate mortgage brokering and our specialist in housing around the world with a growing economically cities along side with a strong big economically cities. 

We will deliver to you the best services you could ever get in this field of business.

This services built on the customers visions and expectations to start their investments out of their regional boundaries.


By being the hub in the real estate world for many years and our big database and knowledge about a lot of cities in establishing and launching new projects so we are now the leaders in this business.


Our projects are built on the latest technology concepts within a very high quality and designing.

The developing process is one of our strength points that we approved through developing many big projects.

Hotels, shopping malls, residence, trade centres, hospitals, and various projects were developed and financed by our group .

These projects still testifying on our quality and honesty in the work . 


Nova Group Holding relationships and the ability of making new partners put the company in the best places in international market.


By opening our office in America in 1996 we accomplished building a bridge between America and Turkey and other Markets.

  • Investment Consultancy

    We have shopping malls, workplaces, villas, flats that have good rental income. We give investment consultancy service for 10%-30% advanced payments. You can benefit from our company’s consultancy for feasibility study and suitable credit obtainment.

    Details www.novaglobalusa.com

  • Real Estate Consultancy

    For the types of the real estate (hotel, motel, workplace, land, villa, flat, plant, restaurant, etc.) you want to obtain, after you notify us the region, the advanced payment amount and the amount of investment, price, region, developments happened at the last 10 years and potential developments are presented to you, with three alternative to choose from.

    Details www.novaglobalrealty.com

  • Project Investment

    For contractors who wants to invest, land obtainment, construction expenses and regional sales prices are presented as projects and investment projects are carried out.


    To the Contractors who want to invest in, companies are created and financing obtained for land purchase and selling current production


  • Urban Transformation

    According to the law no 6306 Transformation of Disaster Risky buildings, detecting the risk levels of one part of the city against possible earthquakes, determining risk values, going out of risky soil and risky building for safe and livable project creating and application.


    Nova Group, works with its business partners’ expert and visionary city planner, engineers, sociologist, economist and architects on urban transformation.

    Details : www.leventoceantower.com

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  • Consulting Services
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