Financial Services

Nova Group is providing the financial support you need for various investments.

Some of that;

Project Financing

* Eximbank,

* Small scale business credits,

* Energy sector credits,

* Company recovery,

* World bank credit,

* Line credit,

* Entrepreneurship capital,

* Bridge credits.

Source of the credits are Banks, Small scale businesses administration, saving and credit funds and commercial financing companies.

Credit maturity changes according to the aim of credit. It is required to prepare a detailed credit offer to take credit. As it is possible to benefit from public and private fund means, risk capital and grants can be taken. The most important issue is that, a minimum of 6 months are necessary to create credit history both for individuals and for corporations. It is possible for corporations with good credit history to get credit with good rates.

For corporations which are in an economic bottleneck and don’t have good credit history, it can be a big advantage to just buy assets.

Import Financing

Raw material import: iron and steel, forest products, chemical, paper and food industry, we finance American raw material import.

Investment Finance

You have the opportunuty to use funds for passing over financial bottleneck problems and machinery purchases from USA

USA machines and technology are very ideal investment models for a lot of sectors which want to open business in USA or which want to invest in new technology.

Find Partners For Your Investments

Nova Group helps American companies to find partners fort he investment and projects in Turkey and in any third World countries.

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