Global Gayrimenkul Servisleri

Küresel bir gayrimenkul şirketi olarak, küresel standartlara sahip alıcılara uluslararası gayrimenkul fırsatları sunuyoruz.

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Investment and Consulting in USA

Strong investment options with investment diversity and advantages in USA.

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Nova Immigration Services

We provide professional consultancy services for obtaining work and residence permits.

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About Us

We have almost four decades of experience in global real estate, real estate development and real estate mortgage brokering. We are a specialist in housing around the world, including both economically large cities and those with a growing economy

We will deliver the best possible services obtainable within this business.

Our service is built on the vision and expectation of the customer as they start to invest outside of their regional boundaries.

We have been a ‘hub’ in the real estate world for many years, we have a large database of clients for whom we have established and launched new projects; thus making us leaders in this field of business.


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We look forward to doing great things with you anywhere in the world.


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