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We have almost four decades of experience in global real estate, real estate development and real estate mortgage brokering. We are a specialist in housing around the world, including both economically large cities and those with a growing economy.

We will deliver the best possible services obtainable within this business.

Our service is built on the vision and expectation of the customer as they start to invest outside of their regional boundaries.

We have been a ‘hub’ in the real estate world for many years, we have a large database of clients for whom we have established and launched new projects; thus making us leaders in this field of business.

Our projects are built with the latest technological concepts, incorporating high quality design. We pride ourselves on our strong development process, which has grown through our experiences of developing hotels, shopping malls, residency, trade centres, hospitals and various other projects which were designed, developed and financed by our group. Previous projects, including those listed have testified; commenting on our quality and honesty throughout.

Nova Group Holding values relationships and partnerships, which have helped us obtain the best places in the international market.

In 1996, we accomplished a strong relationship between the United States and Turkey; and it’s other markets, by opening our office in the United States.

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